February 17, 2020

Is My Toothache An Abcess Or A Sinus Infection?

sinusesIt is allergy season…. again… and so many people are coming into the office lately with what they think is an abcessed tooth because their tooth is aching, or there teeth are aching. You may be experiencing sensitivity to cold and you may have pain in just one tooth. The tooth could ache and have a throb to it just like¬† a toothache but it could just be coming from your sinuses.

The sinus cavities run right above and sometimes lay right on the roots of your upper teeth. So, when you have sinus problems the sinus cavities fill up with fluid and the pressure from the sinus will push against the roots of your upper teeth and cause you to have a toothache. Sometimes, you will just experience severe sensitivity to cold and hot and this annoyance will come and go along with your sinus problems.

If the pain that you are experiencing is a consistant ache and throb that keeps you awake at night, you are probably experiencing an abcessed tooth. The abcessed tooth will  hurt until you go to the dentist and he /she gives you an antibiotic and then either does a root canal or extraction. Either way, if you are in doubt, go see your dentist and he will properly diagnose the problem for you.