June 21, 2018

My Dentures Are Loose!

denture glue

Denture adhesive for loose fitting dentures

There are a few reasons why a denture can become ill fitting and loose. We will go over the reasons why a denture can get loose and then discuss the solutions to fix it.

  • Healing

After your teeth have been removed, it takes 6 months to a year for the gums to smooth out entirely. So, since your dentures are either made right away or six weeks later you will definitely have some shrinkage in the gum tissue which will cause your dentures to feel loose where as before they may have fit snugly.

  • Bone Loss

Over the years, after your teeth have been removed, the bone underneath the gums will start to receed and become smaller. When this happens, the dentures will begin to feel too big and also very loose. There is no way to stop this from happening as this is a result of aging.

  • Weight Loss

If you have recently lost a lot of weight this will affect your mouth and the fit of your dentures as well.

  • Solutions

One of the most common ways to fix a denture that is loose is to have a reline done. You will have to make an appointment at your dentist office where they will take a quick impression and send your denture to the labĀ  so that they can add material where needed to make it fit tighter. This process is usually completed in one day so it is best if you go in the morning so that the lab can have it done by that afternoon. If the doctor so chooses and has the right equipment, he can add a soft reline to your denture there at his office. I recommend the reline at the lab because it is more permanent.

The other option is to have implants placed in the bone of your jaw so that your denture can be snapped into place. Implants can only be placed if you have enough bone to support them, so if your bone has receeded a lot you may not qualify to have theĀ  implants placed. If you think that this is an option that you would like to pursue, than you should contact your dentist for a consult so that he can evaluate you.

Dentures can be a pain and I hope this helps you find a solution to better fitting dentures!