February 17, 2020

Should you use toothpaste to clean your denture?

When you first get your dentures the pink acrylic has a nice shine to it and you want to keep it that way. You should always brush your denture with a brush when you take it out at night and then comes the question of whether or not you should use toothpaste on it.

Some dentists say never to use toothpaste on your denture because it is abrasive and will remove the shine and smooth feeling of  the denture.Well, then I have talked with patients that say they have used  toothpaste on their dentures for years with no problem and think that the denture cleanser companies just want their money. Well, the truth is, you can use toothpaste on your denture but over time it will remove the shine. Toothpaste cannot replace a denture cleanser because of the fact that toothpaste cannot remove hard plaque that the denture cleanser can with it sitting in the solution over night.

So in conclusion, using toothpaste every now and then will not ruin the shine on your denture but you will need to use the denture cleanser at least once a month to remove the plaque that builds up on it. Just using your denture brush on your denture every night should suffice in keeping your dentures clean and then you could soak them overnight in water and you could add a little mouth wash to help it feel fresh and clean.