February 17, 2020

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Now With Silent Nite.

silent night snoring sleep apneaDo you or someone in your family have problems with snoring or sleep apnea? Well,both snoring and sleep apnea are  indeed a well known problem and there have been oh so many inventions to try and stop it but most of them are very uncomfortable and others simply don’t work. Let me tell you about a new mouth piece that we just started making at our dental office that will definitely be a big help to you if you are having trouble with either of these problems.

The mouth guard or mouth piece is made for the purpose of preventing snoring and sleep apnea . This unique little snorer stopper is called a Silent Nite mouthpiece and is custom made to fit your mouth just right. The way it works is it has a  bar that hinges on each side of an upper and lower acrylic mouthpiece which keeps your jaw from sliding back into the position to the point where it starts closing off your breathing passage preventing oxygen from your brain and vibrating the soft tissue at the back of your throat. The inside of the mouthpiece is made of soft rubber and fits nice and snug around your teeth while the outside of the Silent Nite mouthpiece is made of hard acrylic making it durable.

We have made several of these mouthguards  and so far they have all called us back with great success stories! The Silent Nite appliance is not big and bulky and will not take more than a week or two to get acustomed to. The  price for this mouthpiece is $400 at our dentist office which is really a great deal because I have worked for other doctors that are charging $1000 for them. Let me tell you, this is a pretty neat little invention that really works! Hope that you are able to get one soon!