February 17, 2020

To Floss Or Not To Floss

Flossing is great for your teeth!

You may have been struggling with just brushing your teeth twice a day and now your hygienist is fussing with you about the need to floss. If you are like me, I never knew what floss was until I was about 14 years old. I mean, it is such a hassle  just to brush your teeth and flossing takes even more time out of your busy schedule, not to mention if makes your gums bleed and it hurts!

A close friend of mine that is a dentist did a project at an elementary school to show the necessity of flossing. He first put peanut butter all over his hand and then closed his fingers tightly. Afterwards, he went to the sink and scrubbed his hand vigorously. He then opened his fingers which revealed peanut butter still caked in between them. So , no matter how good you brush  or how often you brush, food and bacteria will still remain stuck in between your teeth.

When food and plaque is left between the teeth, it doesn’t take long before the gums become very irritated. The gums will get very puffy at first and will bleed when flossed( healthy gums do not bleed when you floss your teeth because they are more rigid and smooth).  The gums will then start to recede away from your teeth causing bone loss and then ultimately the loss of your tooth. Without the healthy gum tissue, the tooth becomes very vulnarable to tooth decay as well.

So, yes it may be uncomfortable and take more time out of your busy schedule, but it is definitely better for your teeth and for your overall health– floss, floss, and Floss!!