February 17, 2020

What Is The Most Esthetic Partial On The Market?

valplast partialThe prettiest partial that I have ever seen is the valplast partial. Dentists have been making valplast partials for several years now and they are pretty popular. The valplast partial is made from nylon and is very flexible. Unlike the metal partials, there is no metal in them and no one can tell that you are wearing a partial because they blend in with the natural color and shape of the surrounding gum tissue and teeth.

The valplast partial has clasps that keep them in but they are the color of the gum tissue and blend in perfectly. Cost wise they are in the mid range– averaging from $300 to $1000 depending on how many teeth you will need to replace. This partial is not made to last more than 7 years and will need to be replaced after then.

The negatives to this partial are: It has to have a special cleaner which¬† you can by online for about $20 for a 10 month supply. It is also difficult to get smooth after it is adjusted because of the fact that it is made out of nylon. The valplast partial can stain easily if you are a smoker and don’t use the suggested cleaning product.

Overall, I highly suggest this product because it is the only partial that looks completely natural in the mouth. It is also a very comfortable partial and can be used to replace just one tooth or several.